Welcome to MCCC

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– Milwaukee Chinese Community Center

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About MCCC

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The mission of MCCC is serving members and community through Chinese language education, culture outreach, and social engagement.

The Milwaukee Chinese Community Center (MCCC), founded in 2006, is a community-based nonprofit organization in Milwaukee. MCCC is striving to offer the best learning experience in Chinese language and cultural programs for those interested at different proficiency levels through the Milwaukee Modern Chinese School (MMCS), not only to facilitate community development and showcase Chinese culture and heritage but also to embrace the awesome cultural and ethnic diversity in Great Milwaukee region.

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Latest Event

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MCCC Support COVID-19 First Responders Fund Donation Initiative

Recently we have witnessed the spread of COVID-19 from China to the rest of the world, including the United States. More than 200 confirmed cases have appeared in the Milwaukee area. We have learned from various media reports of the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical workers and other first responders.
The Milwaukee Chinese Community Center has set up a fundraiser to collect desperately needed PPE to support the COVID-19 first responders.

You can contribute in two ways:

1. Donate PPE to the following organizations:
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    Milwaukee Police Department

2. Donate by check or PayPal
Deadline for donations: 3/31/2020
Please send the check to:
PO BOX 664
Brookfield, WI 53008-0664
Please make checks payable to:
Milwaukee Chinese Community Center, and indicate at memo:
Covid-19 First Responders Fund
The MCCC Finance Team will issue a receipt.

The receipt will be automatically returned by Email.

The pandemic is raging around our new hometown we live, work and study in; giving back to the community in this time of need is essential!

MCCC Board

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MCCC Administration

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Jianguo Sun 孙建国, President of MCCC 董事会主席

Ken Hong 洪克, Vice President of MCCC 董事会副主席

Rihong Xu 许日翃, Principal of MMCS 密城现代中文学校校长  Manage Milwaukee Modern Chinese School (MMCS) and its related education and outreach program

Danwei Han 韩丹炜, MMCS Executive Vice Principal 密城现代中文学校副校长  Manage Milwaukee Modern Chinese School (MMCS) curriculum, and its related education program

Xianbin He 何显斌, Chair of Youth Leader Academy 青少年英才学院主席  Develop membership; Lead our community services engagement like Holiday Folk Fair and Chinese New Year etc

Lianghong Zhou 周良红, Chair of Art and Performance Committee 艺术团团长  Lead the performance troupe and showcase talents of all ages in performing arts

Anjing Liu 刘安静, Chair of Woman’s Club 女子俱乐部主席  Manage Milwaukee Chinese Woman’s Club and its related programs; also, responsible for yearly MCCC Chinese New Year Celebrating event

Lixiang Wei 韦立祥, Board Member  董事

Judy Yan 晏英, Principal of Cricket Academy  蟋蟀学堂校长

John Wang 王挣, Public Relations 外联部主席  Responsible for communications within the Milwaukee Chinese community; nurture relationships with other community organizations 

Yu Tao 陶瑜, Treasurer 财务总监  Responsible for finance, accounting, and to be sure that we follow government rules and regulations 

Wei Gao 高玮, Secretary of MCCC board 秘书长  Responsible for MCCC records

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Milwaukee Chinese Express

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