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MMCS / MCCC Newsletter (January 2015)

Outstanding Individuals: Yang, Jane


Yang Jane has served MMCS and MCCC for more than five years. While Yang Jane's contribution to the community at large is to be recalled by other board members, we would like to name a few that she has accomplished for MMCS. Yang Jane has served MMCS as an extra-curriculum director, curriculum director, associate principal, and principal. During this period, the registered students were kept about 220. Under her leadership, MMCS successfully adopted web only annual based registration system. This greatly facilitated the tuition collection, which helped the MMCS surpluses. She has also started the "Students of the Year" awards to better motivate our students. In short, Yang Jane's contribution can be characterized as a bonding agent for MMCS and people around her.

Outstanding organization: MillerCoors LLC

MillerCoors LLC在过去的两年中,积极支持密尔沃基的龙舟节。他们慷慨的赞助,有力的促成龙舟节的起动和运行。我们首次的龙舟节 有14 队參与,第二个次的龙舟节増加到 29 队。我们预期未來的龙舟节还会不断发展。这些成功与MillerCoors的大力支持是分不开的。

MillerCoors LLC supported the Milwaukee Dragon Boat Festive in the last two years. They generously provided sponsorship to the new initiative of MCCC so we can get to the ground and running. Our inaugural event started with 14 teams, the second event had 29 teams. We anticipate continued growth of the event. Without MillerCoor’s support, we will not be able to start and continue the event.

Peng Cai’s retirement announcement


Peng Cai served as Chair of Chinese women's club for three years. During her tenure, the club developed from dozens of people to more than 100 people. The seminar topics on food, beauty, hair, fashion, lectures on health, and finance have greatly enriched the lives of Milwaukee Chinese women club. The activities such as the summer picnic and Christmas gathering have added happiness and peaceful atmosphere for the entire Chinese community. Peng Cai’s selfless dedication and her attention to detailed planning are significant attributors to the success of these events.

Zhu Wei ‘s retirement announcement

作为MCCC board 成员之一,朱蔚长期以来致力于社区活动 并积极的对Milwaukee华人社区的建设出谋划策。2012年他带头创建了Youth Leader Academy. YLA 的成立不仅使得MCCC 的管理及建设进一步规范化,更给社区的青少年提供了一个正规的平台投身于社区的义务活动中去。YLA 成立三年来,不断壮大,越来越多的青少年参与其中,为社区的建设增砖添瓦。每年的Dragon Boat Festival, HFF, CNY at the Domes 等其它活动,YLA都是重要的组织者或参与者。朱蔚对今天YLA 的成就起到了不可磨灭的贡献。

Zhu Wei and his family have long been actively supporting the numerous Chinese community activities. Serving as one of the Milwaukee Chinese Community Center (MCCC) Board Member, Zhu has been advising the strategies for continuously strengthening and growing the Chinese community in Great Milwaukee. He spearheaded the creation of the Youth Leader Academy in 2012. The YLA establishment is a significant part of formalizing and standardizing the operation of MCCC’s major volunteering initiatives. The YLA provides a formal platform for youth volunteers to get engaged in the community. In the three years since YLA’s establishment, a growing number of teenagers have helped with numerous volunteer initiatives of the Chinese community. YLA is the leading organizer and contributor of the volunteering activities for the annual Dragon Boat Festival, Holiday Folks Fair, and Chinese New Year Celebration at the Domes. Zhu Wei has made incredible contributions to the YLA’s great success today.

Zhu Wei was also a two-term President of MCCC, which was one of his major contributions that should be mentioned whenever possible and as many times as possible. Zhu Wei has brought the Chinese community the coherent spirit and a tradition to resolve all conflict and disagreement with patience and passion. Although a highly respected professional, Zhu Wei was always humble and ready to serve. Coming from a far southwestern corner of China's poor village in Guangxi China, how did he achieve so much is nothing short of a legend. We shall respect Zhu Wei as one of our outstanding leaders for a long time.

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Published on: 2015-03-03 (3505 reads)

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