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2013 CNY at the Domes

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MMCS/MCCC Newsletter (Feb./March 2011)

Below is a letter for the entire MMCS/MCCC community. Please read it carefully!




     凭借着对中国文化的认同、热爱、和珍重,密城的华人同胞和各界朋友们十几年来风雨同舟,为弘扬中华民族的传统文化,做出了卓越的贡献。在一年一度的国际民族节上,活跃着无数密城华人志愿者的身影;在每年春节的联欢晚会上,飘荡着密城华人欢快的歌声;十五的元宵,中秋的月饼,锣鼓声中的狮子舞,植物园里的大红灯笼 … 每一次激情洋溢的活动,都让我们从中获得深切的文化归属感,感受到民族文化的凝聚力。




Chinese Culture Festival 2011 in Milwaukee will be held on July 23-24 in Art Museum.  This is the first of many unique festivals in Milwaukee.  Throughout the festival, there will be performances in Acrobatics, Traditional Dance, Chinese Folk Music, Peking Opera, and Chinese Martial Arts. The highlight of the festival will be the Dragon Boat Race.  For more information about this festival, please go to the websites: and Volunteers are needed, especially high school students.  For any information, please contact Zhaohui Wang (

The Parents Meeting of Spring Semester in School Year 2010-2011 was held on March 6. The following information were discussed during meeting: a) Chinese Culture Festival held this Summer, b) financial review, c) school administrative introduction, d) Q/A

The 2011 Chinese New Year at the Domes was another big SUCCESS!  Many thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work!

MCCC/MMCS Chinese New Year Party was held on Feb.12th at Milwaukee school of language.  Once again, the performances by our students were amazing, and the foods were delicious.  MMCS would like to thank all teachers, volunteers and event organizers for their hard work!

2011 Summer Camps in China---2011中国夏令营If you are planning summer camps in China for your children, the following programs may be interesting to you.  Please contact the organizations directly for details:

a) 2011 Peking University Summer Chinese Language Program (第十七届北京大学暑期中文班招生)  July 4-Aug.12 (6 weeks)

b) 在北京2011暑期班-   为贫困小带来夏令

c) Timesbook Beijing Summer Camp 2011(时代国际寻根汉语夏令营” (2011·北京)

d) 2011 Sino Language Youth Summer Programs in China

Milwaukee Chinese Woman's Club celebrated the International Woman's Day and Women’s Club first anniversary at Chinese restaurant 'Confucius House (孔府酒家)' on 3/5/11.

*If you would like anything to be added to the MMCS / MCCC newsletter, please contact the newsletter editors Bill Wong at

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Published on: 2011-03-16 (6172 reads)

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