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MMCS / MCCC Newsletter (April/May, 2010)

MMCS 2009-2010 school year will end on May 23, 2010:  Thanks to our students, parents, teachers and administration staff! We have made another productive academic year. 

Chinese Cultural Camp from 6/21/2010 to 6/25/2010 will be at Riverside University High School.  This one-week program is conducted by our very best teachers from MMCS in a school with full facility supports.  Time: 9:00AM to 4:00PM, Mon-Fri. Fee: $150/child.  Age: 6-12. Registration has started since early May at  For questions, please contact See the attached flyer for detailed information.

Chinese Reading Program this summer.
For information, please check MMCS website Many thanks to Ping Xu, Nancy Li and Tonghua Bian for organizing this program.

MMCS Summer Picnic has been scheduled on August 21, 2010.
  Once again, MMCS volunteers are needed. 

2010 Holiday Folk Fair International and 2011 Chinese New Year at the Domes
:  A kick-off meeting was held on April 16th.  Many ideas and suggestions had been proposed.  Parents and students have demonstrated a strong passion for the event.  Volunteer leaders for each booth have been selected; Organization is leading a way to another successful year. Team leaders are listed below:

2010 Holiday Folk Fair International and 2011 Chinese New Year at the Domes General Chair: Qing Li/ Daniel Lee
2010 Holiday Folk Fair International General Chair-Student: Franklin Zhu/ Wei Zhu 
2011 Chinese New Year at the Domes General Chair-Student: Tong Wang/ Xiaoyun Zhang  2010 Holiday Folk Fair International and 2011 Chinese New Year at the Domes General Chair-Student: Jessica Tang/ Refeny Tang 
Food Booth Chair: Jessica Huang/ Jinhua Huang 
Marketing Booth Chair: Michelle Tong/ Juhua Peng 
Art Booth Chair: Bill Wong/ Hongyu Tian
Exhibition Booth Chair: Yi Jiang/ Haochuan Jiang  
Dance Team Chair: Yani Zhang/ Zhihong Zhang
Milwaukee Lantern Editor in Chief: Wendy Gao/ Xiaojun Wang
General Co-Chair-Marketing: Wendy Gao/ Xiaojun Wang 
General Co-Chair-Food Booth: Wen An/ Limin An 
General Co-Chair-Exhibition: Chang Ge/ Zhidong Ge 
General Co-Chair-Art: Andrew Zhu/ Xiaohe Wang 
General Co-Chair-Dance: Yani Zhang/ Zhihong Zhang

2010 Wisconsin Chinese Speech Contest
was held at UW-Madison on April 10.  In total, 22 students from MMCS participated and 18 of them won various awards in different groups and levels.  Their names are posted on MMCS website: Congratulations!

The first
book show organized by Chinese Science Press was held on May 15-16 in Milwaukee.  Many books and video products were on sale.

Bone marrow donors are needed to help an Asian patient.
  As an Asian population, we are facing more challenges to find match donors in case of bone marrow transplant.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in the initial screening process (Health form and a sample from cheek swab).  For more information, please check http://www.bethemat   For questions, please contact Todd Coleman, Marrow Recruitment Specialist, Blood Center of Wisconsin, at todd.coleman@ or via phone at (414) 937-6249.

If you would
like anything to be added to the MMCS / MCCC
newsletter, please contact the newsletter editor Bill Wong at

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Published on: 2010-08-26 (7999 reads)

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