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MMCS / MCCC Newsletter (February/March, 2010)

MCCC Board Listening Session was held on Sunday, 2/28/2010 at room 176 of Lalumiere Hall in Marquette University. MCCC board took this opportunity to hear MCCC members’ ideas, suggestions, as well as their personal interest in getting involved in realizing their ideas. MCCC board is making an effort to build upon our recent successes, learn for areas of further improvement, get more folks involved, and to forward our mission. As a follow up to this listening session, MCCC board is in the process of forming a task force to address our growing needs. If you are interested in getting involved, please send email to  

Our mission is serving members of community through Chinese language education, culture outreach, and social engagement. We believe that we could do better with help from everyone who are passionate about our community and supporting our efforts.

MCCC Women's Club has been established. Ms. Meihua Huang is appointed as Chair of Women’s Club. The club's mission is to enrich the spare time of the community women and promote the quality of life of our families. It will include the following activities: Cooking; Fashion; Wellness and Weight Control; Cosmetics; Home Decorations; Entertainment for Empty Nesters; Family Finance; Career help and Networking; and Gardening
Club meets: Monthly / Specific topic assigned
Club members: Club opens to all Chinese women and men(limited) in the Great Milwaukee area.
Location of club meets:  MMCS or members’ homes
   1. No sale activity is allowed through this club with exception of fundraising for the club
   2. No children is allowed at the monthly gathering The MCCC Women's Club is organized by volunteers. It welcomes every woman to volunteer her time, skills and talents in the areas it focuses on. We are still looking for people who are passionate about these activities to join and lead the club as co-chairs. Please contact Meihua Huang at or XiaoJing Wang at to join the Club.

MCCC/MMCS has started to recruit volunteer leaders.  If you are interesting at participating in 2010 Holiday Folk Fair International or organizing 2011 Chinese New Year at the Domes, please submit your application for the following leadership to Sun Zhenjiang at  by Friday, March 26, 2010. Leadership Position requirements for apply:
*General Chair – must be a General Co-Chairs and Booth Chairs in last year
*General Co-Chair - must be a Booth Chair in last year
*Booth Chair – must be a Booth Co-Chair Booth Co-Chairs in last year
*Booth Co-Chair –must be a volunteer in last year Opening positions:
One Holiday Folk Fair International General Chair (Open to MCCC student/parents)
One Chinese New Year at the Domes General Chair (Also open to MCCC student/parents)
One Food Booth Chair and four Food Booth Co-Chairs
One Marketing Booth Chair and three Marketing Booth Co-Chairs
One Exhibition Booth Chair and three Exhibition Booth Co-Chairs
One Art Booth Chair and three Art Booth Co-Chairs
One Dance Team Chair
One Milwaukee Lantern Editor in Chief
One Promoting Team Chair
One Sponsor Team Chair
One General Co-Chair--Recruiting Volunteer
One General Co-Chair—Marketing
One General Co-Chair--Food Booth
One General Co-Chair—Art
One General Co-Chair-- Milwaukee Lantern
One General Co-Chair—Dance

MMCS will officially attend the event of Chinese Speech Contest in Wisconsin of 2010.  The contest is scheduled on April 10, 2010 in Madison.  MMCS teachers will provide their help to students as coaching and instruction. MMCS would like to pay / reimburse the registration fee for all the students who will participate in the contest as well as their teachers. We encourage students who are interested in it to let their teachers know and start choosing topics / speeches as soon as possible.  Further notices / announcements will be sent out shortly.

A Chinese Proficiency Exam
will be given at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Saturday, May 1, 2010. It is designed to evaluate the proficiency for non-native speakers of Chinese. The registration deadline for the registration is March 26, 2010. The registration fee is $30. If you are interested in taking the exam, please find more information about the exam at the following link:

MCCC had the 3rd successful and cheerful Chinese New Year celebration at the Domes on Febery.6th, 2010. The celebration was running through 9am to 6 p.m. There were about 3000 people visitors in one day. Many thanks go to our volunteers to make this event successfully. Please go to MCCC website ( to read the appreciation message from the General Chair-Student, Steve Sun.

虎年春节联欢会有奖问答 was closed on Feb. 27, 2010.  Totally 42 students turned in their answers. Congratulations to our students for their participation and a job well done! For students’ name please visit our website: 

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Published on: 2010-04-22 (8304 reads)

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