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2009 Holiday Folk Fair

From November 20 to November 22, the 2009 Holiday Folk Fair International will take place at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Exposition Center in Milwaukee , an awesome event which features more than fifty ethnic groups and celebrates and promotes cultural diversity and awareness in our society.

In previous years, the Milwaukee Chinese Community Center (MCCC) and the Milwaukee Modern Chinese School (MMCS) has proudly and successfully represented the Chinese culture and people in this great festival. All profits go toward MCCC/MMCS, a non-profit organization, dedicated in promoting the study and appreciation of the Chinese language and culture in the state of Wisconsin and beyond.

This year, Mr. Zhengjiang Sun has been assigned again as 2009 Holiday Folk Fair General Chair of MCCC/MMCS. MCCC/MMCS will have a food booth, a marketing booth, an art booth, an exhibition booth, a dance team, a Milwaukee Lantern team, a promoting team, and a sponsor team for this year Holiday Folk Fair. The leaders have been named as by MCCC/MMCS:
Food Booth Chair:

An Wen (An Limin)


Wong Bill (Tian Hongyu)

Zhou Daliang’s daughter (Zhou Daliang)

Liu Yi’s son (Liu Yi)

Wu Zhuanzhuan (Wu Gaohong)

Marketing Booth Chair:

Gao Wendy (Wang Xiaojun)


Tong Michelle (Peng Juhua)

Shi Christine (Dr. Shi)

Zhang Yani (Zhang Chao)

Art Booth Chair:

Zhu Andrew (Wang Xiaohe)


Zheng Dean (Zheng Yaohua)

Exhibition Booth Chair:

Ge Alyce (Ge Zhidong)


Huang Jassica (Huang Jinhua)

Jiang Yi (Jiang Haochuan)

Wang Sabrina (Wang Dian)

Xue Ben (Wan Fen)

Dance Team Leader:

Zhang Yani (Zhang Zhihong)

Milwaukee Lantern Editor in chief:

Xue Ben (Xue Qiuzhen)


Jiang Yi (Jiang Haochuan)

Huang Jassica (Huang Jinhua)

Wang Sabrina (Wang Dian)

Ge Alyce (Ge Zhidong)

Promoting Team Leader:

Liu Jenny (Liu Qingmin)

Sponsor Team Leader:

Huang Joanna (Huang Joe)

General Chair-Student:

Wang Tong (Wang Zaiping)-Chair for HFF

Sun Steve (Sun Jianguo)-Chair for 2010 Chinese New Year at the Domes.

General Co-Chair:

Gao Hanzhe ( Cunji Gao )

Liu David (Gaosheng Liu)

Zhu Franklin (Zi Tao) (Wei Zhu)

Guo Keven (Guo Xiaoqing)

Li Daniel (Li Qing)

Jing Weiqing

Zhu Fenlu

Discount tickets are on sale. If youwould like to purchase HFF tickets, please send
an email to . First come first serve.

General admission ticket: $8.00 (Tickets at the fairground are $10/each.)
Family Fun 4-Pack: 4 general admission tickets: $28.00
Check payable to MCCC.

Copyright © by Milwaukee Chinese Community Center All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2009-11-06 (1832 reads)

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