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The MMCS Moon Festival Special Class

The MMCS Moon Festival Special Class “Learning through Play”(课堂娱乐园) has been scheduled on October 4th for the first time. The event is held at regular language class hours from 2:00-4:00pm in MU. The class will talk about the history and culture behind the ancient holiday to promote the awareness and interest of Chinese Language and Chinese Culture among students.

The following activities may be included: 

1. Activities related with Chinese Language: riddles, games (50 min)
Samples:  快速猜字读句; jeopardy.

2. Chinese Culture trivia (20 min)
Samples: 中国的全称是什么 (What's the full name of P. R. China)?                
你怎么称呼爸爸的妹妹或妈妈的哥哥 (What do you call father's sister or  mother's brother)?

3. Chinese Folk Art DVD  (30 min)
Samples: 杂技 (Acrobatics);              
皮影戏 (Chinese Leather Silhouette Show)

4. Prize Time: Teacher will issue each student prizes at the end of this event.   

Please click here to find the event flyer and details on “Toys Donation / Gift Exchange”.

Please contact your teacher for game ideas and volunteer opportunities.

Let's celebrate the Moon festival, one of the most important traditional Chinese holidays, in a special way this year!

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Published on: 2009-08-17 (1184 reads)

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