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MMCS / MCCC Newsletter (July/August, 2009)

MMCS / MCCC Newsletter (July/August, 2009)


The guidelines of appropriate use of MCCC mailing list has been published on the MCCC website (http://www.milwauke echinese. org). The Milwaukee Chinese Community Center (MCCC) mailing list (milwaukeechinese@ yahoogroups. com) is for communication and information sharing among the MCCC members. The services that MCCC provides to you are subject to the guidelines of appropriate use.

Obscenity or profanity and inflammatory language are not acceptable, nor is the use of the list to conduct or forward political and religious related messages, pyramid schemes, or chain letters. Please respect the privacy of MCCC members.

As a part of MCCC’s fund-raising efforts, business advertisements are allowed in the MCCC mailing list and website.  If you own a business, you are encouraged to take this opportunity to place professional advertisements and let other MCCC members know what you do.  All the advertisements should be clearly identified on the subject line so that subscribers could easily delete them if they are not interested in the advertisements.

Fees of business advertisements:

    * Business logo on the MCCC home page: $50.00/year
    * Business advertisement on the MCCC advertisement page: $25.00/year
    * Business advertisements posted to the MCCC mailing list: $10.00 each  

Please make the check payable to MCCC and mail it to:
                  Milwaukee Chinese Community Center
                  PO Box 664, Brookfield, WI 53008-0664

Please note that postings and advertisements are monitored by the MCCC administration and the mailing list maintainer. Subscribers who operate outside of the guidelines will receive a cautionary notice from MCCC administration. Individuals who continue to disregard and violate the guidelines may be blocked from subsequent participation.

Specifics can be seen online at http://milwaukeechi modules.php? name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=23

Enrollment has started for the 2009 MMCS school year. Please register online at (http://www.mmcsweb. com/cgi-bin/ stdreg1st. cgi). Payments should be mailed to:
MMCS, 2009 Fall Registration
PO BOX 664
Brookfield, WI  53008-0664

If you submit your FULL payment postmarked by Saturday, August 29, 2009, you will receive a tuition discount (similar to previous semesters) and we will refund you when you receive your receipt. Payment includes:
1) Invoice (the print out) you received through email after completing online registration;
2) Check or money order with EXACT amount shown on your invoice; make it payable to “MCCC/MMCS”.


Several new classes will be added to MMCS during the fall semester

    * K class – At least 5 years old by September.1
    * Daily Chinese for Children class - Age 6 to 10. This class is especially designed for non-Chinese speak families and Chinese speak families that the parents do not have time working with their children on a daily base. The class will not be as intense as traditional MMCS class style. It is a slow pace learning environment.
    * Singing Class - Teacher credentials: Lead soprano (女高音) of MCCC Chinese Folks Song Club
    * Advanced Art II

Current Teacher Credentials: Having painting expertise using Acrylic, Water Color, Pencils, Pens, Ball Point markers etc.; Licensed Architect for 18 years.


In order for any of these classes to open, there is a minimum of 10 students needed in each individual class.


The MMCS summer reading program is still on! Please encourage your children to participate. There will be rewards for their achievements. The registration form location is shown below:

http://mmcsweb. com/main/ docs/2009_ MMCS_Summer_Reading_Program. pdf

http://mmcsweb. com/main/ docs/MMCS_ Summer_Reading_ Log.pdf


Students should turn forms into their MMCS teachers on the first day of school on September 13th, 2009.


The MCCC Moon Festival party has been scheduled at the Beulah Brinton Community Center (2555 Bay Street, Milwaukee, WI 53207) on Saturday 10/3/2009, 5:30 ~ 10:30PM. Registration information and further details will follow.


The MMCS Moon Festival Special Class (课堂娱乐园) has been scheduled on October 4th for the first time. The event is held at regular language class hours from 2-4pm in MU. The class will talk about the history and culture behind the ancient holiday. There will be games and small events not typical to the traditional MMCS Sunday class. If you are interested in this idea, we encourage you to join the planning committee. Please Wendy Zhang at w51893@yahoo. com for details.


The MMCS summer camp was a success. Students learned more about Chinese culture at Riverside University High School on August 3-7. The program will continue next year.


A farewell party for Jiang Mingtao's, Qiu Lianghen’s and Zhou Jianghong's families was held at the Lapham Peak State Park on Sunday, July 19th. Over 150 families attended the event to bid their goodbyes. The MMCS/MCCC community spirit was shown to all of our relocating families!



*If you would like anything to be added to the MMCS / MCCC newsletter,
please contact the newsletter editor Tong Wang at t.wang518@gmail. com

Copyright © by Milwaukee Chinese Community Center All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2009-08-15 (1120 reads)

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