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MMCS / MCCC Newsletter (December, 2008)

The 2008 Holiday Folk Fair (HFF) was a big success. All four booths, (Exhibition, Art, Market, and Food) displayed a great amount of hard work and preparation. Though the turn out was low and the economy is clearly under depression, the vibrant team spirit prevailed through talent and dedicated leaders and their planning and organizing skills. 2008 HFF is now in MCCC’s record book! 

Mr. Zhenjiang Sun, the 2008 HFF General Chair, would like to thank all of the hardworking volunteers for making the Folk Fair successful. The Chairs of Exhibition, Art, Market, and Food booths also said thanks to all of the Co-Chairs and volunteers for their contribution. 

Mr. Peng Gao, the President of MCCC, expressed sincere gratitude and appreciation to the entire 2008 HFF leadership team, all of the volunteers and sponsors on behalf of MMCS and MCCC Administration. MCCC Wishes everybody has a great holiday season - thank you (and your family) for your generous giving to our school and our community! 

The 2009 Chinese New Year Celebration at the Domes is around the corner! As part of the event, MCCC will have a Photography Exhibition at the Domes to reflect Chinese new immigrants' life in Milwaukee area. The leader of the Photography Exhibition is calling MCCC members to share pictures. The topics include:
1. Culture related topics
2. Involvement to community services
3. Sports
4. Group activities  The maximum amount of pictures submitted per household will be five. For more information, please contact May Huang at mhuanglei@yahoo. com.

The MCCC Communication and Public Relations Committee has been formed. This committee is responsible for promoting communications within Milwaukee Chinese community, and nurturing relationships with other community organizations and the general public.  

The committee leadership:
Yi Hong, Chair
Meihua Huang, Director of Public Relations 
Mingtao Jiang, Director of Marketing and Media
Hong Peng, Director of Events
Wei Wang, Director of Fund Raising
Jianxin Chen and Guangchang Zhong, Consultant

The MCCC Web and Newsletter Team:
Chunyi Song and Ping Feng, Web Developer
Sam Tang, Theodore Zhang and Wendy Gao, Web Editor
Tong Wang, Newsletter Editor   

The MCCC’s Membership and Community Service Committee has been formed.  This volunteer run organization hopes to better serve the Milwaukee Chinese community and is constantly looking for new volunteers.

The committee leadership:
Zhenjiang Sun, Chair
Yan Wang: Co-Chair
Qingmin Liu: Co-Chair
Limin An: Secretary 

The MCCC Table Tennis Club has also been formed. This is another volunteer run organization. For more information on how to help or participate, please contact one of the executive officers.

The positions are as follows:
Kaien Li: President
Jin Zhang: Vice-president
Shijiang (Mark) Liang: Vice-president
Ziming Wu: Secretary
Zhenjiang Sun: Head coach 

Chinese Milwaukee
Mr. Wenbin Yuan and Mr David Holmes’ book, has been published discussing 130 of Chinese history in the Milwaukee area. MPTV aired a “I Remember” broadcast including interviews of the authors on December 1st. Many gathered to watch the program at Mercan Chinese School to show their support. Several distinguished guests and long term Milwaukee residents were invited including members of Flying Tiger 飞虎队 pilot trainee, Dr. Tang, and attendant Jenny Chan.
There are still 10 sets of Beijing Olympics DVDS
left at the Thai Asian Market. Each set contains 3 discs: 2 for the Opening Ceremony, 1 for the Closing ceremony. They are directly from CCTV Beijing and include Chinese narration throughout.
Contact Information: Thai Asian Market N56W14108 Silver Spring Dr . (Corner of Silver Spring Dr and Lily Rd ) 262-373-1414

*If you would like anything to be added to the MMCS / MCCC newsletter, please contact the newsletter editor Tong Wang at pianoman518@

Copyright © by Milwaukee Chinese Community Center All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2008-12-23 (1304 reads)

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