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MMCS / MCCC Newsletter (October, 2008)

MCCC Song And Dance Troupe was formally established on September 6, 2008. Its purpose is to promote Chinese culture and enrich the community life of Chinese amateur, to participate in multi-cultural exchange and performances. The chief of MCCC Song and dance troupe is Hong Zeng. The following administration team members are Qi Zhang, Hong Chen and Jinlei Lin.   There are several clubs under MCCC Song and dance troupe. The clubs open to adults only. The membership fee is $30/year. Welcome to join the clubs.
Chair of Chorus Club: Zhaohui Wang (
      The Chorus Club meets every other week at 7:30-9:30pm on Friday in Brookfield. The first meeting starts on Oct.3, 2008.
Chair of Dance Club:
Zhihong Zhang ( and Jianghong Zhou (
      The  Dance Club meets once every week at 2:15-3:45pm on Sunday in MMCS, room 172. It starts on Oct.5, 2008.
Chair of Chinese Music Instrument Club: Qiuzhen Xue   
Chair of Forks Song’s Club:
Yaoju Chen   

2008 Holiday Folk Fair International Update
From November 21 to November 23, the Milwaukee Chinese Community Center will be participating in Holiday Folk Fair 2008 as a representative for China. We need volunteers to help at our Food, Market, Exhibition and Art booths. All shifts will be six hours long (10:00 am - 4:00 pm and 4:00pm - 10:00 pm). We also need help on Spring roll/Dumpling Making and Shuttle Service. Please see the attached quick and easy signup sheet for more information and fill it out with the days/shifts in which you are available. In additional, we sell the discount HFF tickets at $8 each. Please contact Sam Tang or Ping Feng at for detailed information.

2008 Holiday Folk Fair International
General Chair:
Zhenjiang Sun  
General Co-Chair:
Hanzhe Gao ( Cunji Gao /Shaoying Chen), Sam Tang (Liang Tang/Ping Feng), Connie Wu (Zhiming Wu/Xiaojin Wang) and Jerry Mao (Li Mao/Dadong Xi)
Food Booth Chair:
David Liu (Gaosheng Liu/Baohong Sun)
Marketing Booth Chair:
Steve Sun (Jianguo Sun/Nianhong Liu)
Art Booth Chair:
Franklin Zhu (Zitao Zhu) (Wei Zhu/Xiaohe Wang) 
Exhibition Booth Chair:
Tong Wang (Zaiping Wang/Xiaoyun Zhang)
Dance Team Leader:
Hong Zeng and Zhihong Zhang

The MMCS main registration for 2008 Fall
is closed. There are total 220 students registered. This year by adding two K classes, the total number of the classes is up to 19.

The MMCS first parent meeting
was held on Sep.28 at Lalumiere Language Hall of Marquette University. The meeting most focus on education updating, school security, school financial spending report, 2008 Holiday Folk Fair and parent involvement and future MCCC and MMCS. In order to provide our children a good environment the school asks every parent help on school security task. With your willingness and enthusiasm to support our collective cause MMCS will be filled with even more success school year. Thank you so much for your help.  The parent duty guideline is posted on the MMCS web site and the schedule for parent duty is at

MCCC Chinese New Year Party Planning Committee and sub-teams have been formed. 
The first planning meeting was held on Sep. 21, 2008. As a tradition, our Chinese New Year party focus is MCCC families as has been. The current scheduled date is tentatively Saturday, Feb 7th, 2009, depending on venue availability. We will have student performance, dinner and post dinner performance by the MCCC art troupe. Hong Peng is the event chair. If you have any suggestions and questions, please contact her at

The MMCS/MCCC participated in the Asian Festival
held between 36th and 41st on National Ave. on Sep. 20, 2008. We had a culture booth and dance performance during the day. Several MMCS parents and students contributed their valuable time in organizing and participating in the event. Special thanks go to Peng Gao, Zhengjiang Sun, Yi Hong, Xiaohe Wang, Franklin Zhu, Andrew Zhu, Baohong Sun, David Liu, Hong Wu, Sabrina Wang, Christine Melching ,Qiong Yang, Tong Wang, Xiaoyun Zhang, Ming Peng and her parents.

The 39th Badger Open chess tournament
was held  in Waukesha on Saturday, September 20, 2008. MMCS students Alena Huang, Sabrina Huang, Michael Tang and Shawn Ge attended the tournament and took home a team trophy. Congratulations to our participants!

Top level Performance from China - 
The Milwaukee Chinese Times has invited the China top-level performers to come to Wisconsin for Chinese performance. They will come to Milwaukee on 10/31(Friday), give performance on 11/01 (SAT) and leave on 11/02.  Hopefully this will give another opportunity for Milwaukee residents to know Chinese culture. Mingtao Jiang, Hong Zeng and Qi Zhang will direct the task force for this show. They will locate the site for performance, determine the ticket price and ways for ticket sale, have a press release, and place media advertisement.

*If you would like anything to be added to the MMCS / MCCC newsletter, please contact the newsletter editor Tong Wang at


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Published on: 2008-10-01 (3680 reads)

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