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2013 CNY at the Domes

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Welcome to Milwaukee Chinese Community Center

Milwaukee’s ever changing cultural traditions are what make it such a great place for family, friends, different ethic groups. The Milwaukee Chinese Community Center (MCCC), founded in 2006, is a community-based nonprofit organization in Milwaukee. MCCC is striving to offer the best learning experience in Chinese language and cultural programs for those interested at different proficiency levels through the Milwaukee Modern Chinese School (MMCS) and Youth Leader Academy (YLA), not only to facilitate community development and showcase Chinese culture and heritage but also to embrace the awesome cultural and ethnic diversity in Great Milwaukee region, and help youth grow their leadership.

The mission of MCCC is serving members and community through Chinese language education, culture outreach, and social engagement.

We are achieving this by getting well organized, staying together, by offering educational and culture exchange programs.

Milwaukee Chinese Community Center (MCCC) 密尔沃基华人活动中心的前身始于1994年成立的密城现代中文学校,是面前密城最大的华人社团组织。自成立之日起,已为成百上千的家庭和学生提供中文,文化及社会等服务活动。多年来,MCCC也诚恳地与其它社区组织,比如密城科学家和工程师协会,OCA (Organizations of Chinese American),马凯特大学,威斯康星大学,威斯康星医学院的中国学生学者联谊会等合作积极弘扬中华文化和推动社区服务与合作。曾经为需要救助得到家庭,公益团体,公共灾害(比如2008汶川地震,2017哈维风灾)发起募捐活动。


MCCC下属有六个组织,包括Cricket Academy(蟋蟀中华文化学堂),Milwaukee Chinese Performance Troupe (密城华人歌舞艺术团), Milwaukee Chinese Times(密城时报),Milwaukee Chinese Women's Club (密城华人女子俱乐部),Milwaukee Modern Chinese School(密城现代中文学校),Milwaukee Youth Leadership Academy(密城青少年英才学院)。


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